Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

If you are looking to report a non-security related bug in Confide, please email [email protected] instead.

Confide is committed to working with security experts across the world to stay up to date with the latest security techniques. If you believe you've found a security vulnerability in our product or service, we encourage you to let us know right away. We will investigate all legitimate reports and do our best to quickly fix the problem.

While working to identify security vulnerabilities, we ask that you:

  • Share any issues that you discover with us, as soon as is practical
  • Provide details to reproduce the vulnerability and an explanation of how the attack could be used
  • Do not attempt to access or modify any user data that is not your own (create new test accounts if you need them)
  • Act in good faith to not degrade the performance of our services (e.g. via automated scanning, brute forcing, or denial of service attacks)
  • Give us a reasonable amount of time to address reported issues

To submit a security vulnerability report, please email [email protected]