Your Off-the-Record Messenger

Communicate digitally with the same level of privacy and security as the spoken word. With encrypted messages that self-destruct, Confide gives you the comfort of knowing that your private messages will now truly stay that way.

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Retake Control of your Digital Conversations and Communicate with Confidence

Discuss sensitive topics, brainstorm ideas or give unfiltered personnel opinions without fear of the Internet's permanent, digital record and with no copies left behind.


Messages disappear forever after they are read once, making them as private as the spoken word.

Screenshot Protected

Messages are concealed until you swipe. Plus we alert you if a screenshot is attempted.


Messages sent to Confide users are end-to-end encrypted. Only the recipient's device can decrypt and read the message.

Documents & Photos

Have a sensitive term sheet, financial document or PowerPoint you want to share? Give someone a peek, without leaving a copy behind.

Works with any Email or Phone Number

Instantly send messages to anyone simply by using their email address or mobile phone number.

Group Messaging

Send messages to an individual or to a group. Confide supports one-to-one and group messaging.

Mac & Windows New

Confide for Desktop combines encrypted, disappearing and screenshot-proof messages to facilitate unfiltered, honest and efficient communication in the workplace. Tired of scheduling phone calls or meetings to share sensitive information? Confide for Desktop is your answer. Whether it's a group message or just to an individual, you can now confidently send text, documents and photos.

Download Confide for Desktop below for Mac or PC. It's free, and seamlessly integrates with our mobile app to allow for off-the-record communication no matter where you are.

iPhone, Android & Apple Watch

With our phones having become almost extensions of us, Confide on your mobile device allows you to have off-the-record conversations when you're on the go. Send encrypted, disappearing and screenshot-protected texts, photos and even documents. After a message is read once, it disappears forever – no saving, no forwarding, no printing … no nothing.

Download Confide for iPhone or Android below. It's free and syncs seamlessly with our desktop app to ensure you can communicate with confidence wherever you are.

Confide Pro

All of the privacy and security of Confide, engineered for businesses.

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