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Confide Launches Off-the-Record Mobile Messaging App

Howard Lerman, Jon Brod and Dan Sutera Team Up To Start New Venture; Brod to be President

NEW YORK, January 8, 2014 — Confide, a new startup created to bring off-the-record professional communication to the digital world, today announced the availability of its free app in the Apple App Store. Designed for professionals, the Confide app allows anyone to send private, encrypted, screenshot-proof messages that disappear after they’re sent.

“Spoken words disappear after they’re heard but what you say online remains forever, archived in your permanent, digital history,” said Jon Brod, Co-Founder and President of Confide. “Confide is committed to solving this problem while fostering honest, unfiltered and off-the-record conversations, particularly among professionals and businesspeople.”

Confide works with any email address and employs end-to-end encryption to ensure conversations remain confidential and private. After a message is read, it disappears completely. Messages are revealed within the app by “wanding” over the words with your finger. This provides additional security and prevents screenshots.

“What if all of your in-person meetings and conversations were recorded?” said Howard Lerman, Co-Founder and Chairman of Confide. “You would radically change what you say. That’s happening with online communications today. We created Confide so you can say digitally what you’re willing to say in person, but have been hesitant to put in writing.

Mobile messaging is a large and growing market. In 2013, social messaging apps attracted over 1 billion users who sent over 28 trillion messages. This is expected to climb to over 2 billion users and 72 trillion messages in 2014. (Ovum, 2014 Trends to Watch: Social Messaging)

Confide is Co-Founded by Lerman, a five-time entrepreneur and current Co-Founder & CEO of Yext; Brod, a three-time entrepreneur with over 20 years as a senior executive with media and technology companies, both at the startup and Fortune 500 levels; and Dan Sutera, a six-time entrepreneur who has taken two tech startups (ShareFile and Yext) from inception to the ranks of the Inc. 500. Brod is joining Confide as its President, Sutera is joining Confide as its COO and Lerman is Confide’s Chairman.

Confide is currently being funded by its Co-founders and expects to do a capital raise within the next few months.

To get your off-the-record messenger, download Confide from the Apple App Store:

About Confide

Confide, founded in 2014, was created to bring off-the-record professional communication to the digital world. The Confide app is a mobile messaging platform that combines end-to-end encryption with disappearing messages to foster honest, unfiltered and secure communication. For more information, visit or follow @confide on Twitter and on Facebook.