December 8, 2016

A free press trumps all

If you are a journalist anywhere in the world, thank you for your service. A free press is fundamental to an open society. It not only performs the critical function of informing the public but also acts as a check on governments, businesses and organizations.

And a free press is predicated on a safe and secure environment for journalists and journalism.

This is why we are thrilled to introduce the Confide Free Press program. Whether communicating about a sensitive story or corresponding with a confidential source, Confide ensures your messages can only be viewed by their intended recipients, and will disappear immediately after they‘re read.

As a member of the Free Press program, journalists around the world will receive Confide Plus for free. They will also receive a verification badge Confide Verification Badge next to their name indicating they are members of the program and that Confide users should feel confident sending them tips, scoops, story ideas and other potentially sensitive correspondence.

If you are a journalist and would like to join the Confide Free Press program and receive your free Confide Plus subscription, simply:

  1. Download Confide and sign up with your work email address. Already use Confide?
  2. Join the Confide Free Press Program.

Now more than ever we want to make sure that journalists are equipped with the tools needed to communicate freely, and confidently.

Team Confide